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New Life 116 by CatStock New Life 116 by CatStock
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Lillepus, my brother's cat, was supposed to get sterilized, but the vet said she was too young. Shortly after, before the new time the vet gave them, she became pregnant. Not wanting to abort the kittens my brother decided to wait till after they were born. During this time he found 5 feral kittens in a dumpster at his work. He brought 4 of them home with him (the fifth a co-worker took). The now very pregnant Lillepus took to the young ones right away! She took care of them, washed them and would probably let them suckle had they tried (they suckled on every surface they got purchase, so not sure why they didn't try) She felt such a connection to them that when she went in to labour she placed herself in between all the kittens. We moved her in to a separate room so she could birth in peace, but it made her unstable and stopped trying to push. One of the kittens came to the door and meowed, wanting to join us. We let him, and she immediately calmed down and continued birthing. The big kitten just wanted to lay there with us, and during the birthing he helped out by holding the already clean kittens warm while she gave birth to the next. There where no complications during the birth, but one of them worried me as he had an extremely large scrotum. He seemed to get better, but after a few weeks he still seemed to have some pains, and was taken to the vet. Apparently he had no but hole, the scrotum had simply ruptured in the area where it should have been. Fixing it would be hard, and he would still have pains the rest of his life, so he was put to sleep.

The fluffy white one was a female called Milky (got a new home at 8 weeks old. To early for my taste, but it was their decision), the spotted one a male called Spotify (I believe they kept him. I left the country so not sure =P ) and the black was a male called Zorro (Zorro was put to sleep...)

Warning: I wont use mature filter unless prompted. Even my 4 year old niece didn't mind watching ;)
In fact, Tea was super fascinated at seeing where they came out =P
At first we tried to keep the children out, but both ended up watching carefully without bothering the cat at all. The youngest one, 2 year old Lilly, petted the kittens 2 cm above them until they where fairly big :love:
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ChaosFay Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
That's a beautiful and honest life picture. Thank you for the description. I'm so sorry one kitten had to be put to sleep, but a rest now before knowing suffering is better than a life of suffering.

The fact mommy kitty wanted all the kittens around says a lot. Here where I live cats are neutered/spayed as early as 9 weeks.
CatStock Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I spayed my cat Eevee when she was 12 weeks old, but that vet closed down a year later due to bad practice. And I had some reactions myself. I got my two cats back (the kitten and mum was done at the same time) before the anesthetics wore of. They where completely out, not even a muscle twitching, for a whole hour after I got them back. They told me nothing about what to do. You are supposed to turn them ever so often for blood flow, and at first after waking up you shouldn't give them food or water as it can kill them... They told me nothing O_o
They only put the mother in the cage I had brought them in with and handed me my baby. It was so weird holding her when she was like that, almost like a doll... almost as if she was dead if not for the breathing....

The new vet we use have higher standards and stricter protocols. I went and had my boy spayed there. I don't remember how old he was, but he sure was small enough still. I had read online that it was their preferred age to prevent spraying and to keep them kitten like. The vet told me they wanted him much older (don't remember their preferred age, but it was much more than I wanted) After a chat they said they could do it, but would be against their advice. I decided to take them up on the offer anyway. And he sure did stay like a kitten =^_^=
This was the vet that refused to take the female cat at the age her owners wanted. I think they wanted her to be 6 months old. They should make it lower, as she did manage to get pregnant before the date they set.
ChaosFay Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
The local humane society spays as young as 8 weeks because they can go into season by 12 weeks, and neutering at 8-12 weeks. They have high standards of care and said doing it this young makes healing faster and they remain like kittens with no downsides. They also said declawing after 12 weeks leaves them in pain and sensitive on their toes because they're missing their first knuckle. Cacoa was declawed at 8 months, and after learning what happens we simply trained Jasper (surprisingly easy) to not damage carpet, furniture, walls, doorways, etc. Lots of scratching posts and such.
CatStock Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Exactly. It was such I had read about too when I convinced my vet to do my little boy. Though my old vet was a bit bad, that was more about not giving the info they should, I agree on their age preference. I'm glad my current vet at leas say yes if you insist =)
My brother didn't insist and just did as the vet said, bad idea =P

Here in Norway declawing is almost forbidden. They wont do it unless the cat is sick and needed for it's own health. Most cats learn to not damage furniture and cutting their claw tips prevent them from hurting each other too (or at least makes it much less).
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
Angelcat102102 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
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